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End Of Love

Writer-director Simon Chung, whose film Innocence put

him among the leaders of Queer Asian Cinema, raises the bar

once again with this extraordinary tale of sexual obsession,

unrequited love and psychological isolation - evoking imagery

and themes from such gay classics as Brokeback Mountain

and Boys Love that are equal parts sensual, eloquent and

heartrending while creating a mood and sensibility all its own.

Boyishly cute Ming (Chi-Kin Lee) is a 22-year-old Hong

Kong male prostitute whose party-boy ways land him in a

Christian reformatory camp. As the story unfolds recalling his

relationship with his boyfriend and his ex-roommate - sharing

both drugs and "clients" with the latter - Ming falls for Keung

(Guthrie Yip), a handsome, former drug addict who has been

assigned as his sponsor. When Ming and Keung each return to

the outside world, they face an uncertain future both sexually

and emotionally - and will need to rely on each other to

weather any storm on the horizon.

A hit at film festivals around the world, End Of Love abandons

the usual themes of identity and coming out which are often characteristic of gay Asian cinema and presents a mature, involving and quite entertaining look at what it's like to be young and gay in modern-day Hong Kong.

Released:Jan 05, 2010
Director:Simon Chung
Length:1 hrs. 37 mins.