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Watch Out

Having made a name for himself on the indie scene with the acclaimed Firecracker, writer-director Steve Balderson takes another giant step in pushing the envelope even further with one of the most original and daring films of the decade.

Giving a performance that will be talked about for years to come,

Matt Riddlehoover (actor, writer and director of the gay cult hit To A Tee) is stunning as Jonathan Barrows, a handsome, misanthropic college professor who literally loves himself. Whether taping his own photo on a blow-up doll or given to lustful choruses of "I love myself" for sexual satisfaction, Jonathan is a narcissistic wonder who has found the startling answer to the question: Who do you have sex with when you're the best-looking and smartest person in the room?

Fending off advances from both men and women, Jonathan's

lifestyle choices soon demand a high cost, which director Balderson

explores in set pieces both blisteringly comic and cynically dark.

Like a John Waters epic from his midnight madness years, Watch Out is a fascinating tapestry of sexual excess, sordid characters and questionable taste.

Released:Nov 24, 2009
Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.