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Someone's Knocking At The Door

From Chad Ferrin, the director of the acclaimed underground hit Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, comes this cult sensation - a gruesome and graphic horror tale about a group of unsuspecting friends being terrorized by a pair of psycho killers. In a nod to those classic '70s indie splatter films, the story follows six college classmates on a drug- and sex-filled weekend. When one of them is brutally murdered, it soon becomes clear that one by one they are being stalked by the unknown killers. Someone's Knocking at the Door is Russ Meyer meets Dario Argento, in which youthful, voluptuous bodies find their doom in a blood-splattered orgy of murder and sex. A unique and original grindhouse thriller that will keep you guessing right up until its unpredictable and shocking ending.

Released:Jun 20, 2017
Director:Chad Ferrin
Length:1 hrs. 20 mins.