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Fruit Fly

Bright, effervescent and witty, Fruit Fly gives a musically gay twist to this Tales of the City-esque drama with sparkling results. H.P. Mendoza s (Colma: The Musical) critically-acclaimed directorial debut follows Bethesda (L.A. Renigen), a young performance artist in search of her career and birth mother in San Francisco. Moving into the city s vibrant queer neighborhood, and surrounding herself with a loving gay family, she becomes the fruit fly of choice for her circle of gay male buddies, while uncovering long-hidden family secrets. Full of quirky, melodic and uplifting musical/dance performances, Fruit Fly is a glittering mash-up that will have you humming for days.

Released:Oct 19, 2010
Director:H.P. Mendoza
Length:1 hrs. 34 mins.