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Fearless From Red China

Made with true passion and love, Huai Bao's Fearless from Red China is as far from pre-packaged Hollywood entertainment as you can get. The filmmaker has taken the story of Wu Wei and infused it with tremendous personal emotion - all without a budget or professional equipment. For all those whose hearts are open, join us on a most unusual journey. In the years before the Cultural Revolution, a boy named Wu Wei was born into an artistic family in Beijing and was trained to be a ballet dancer until he was sent to the army in an isolated area for re-education. Due to his family background, the future closed all its doors to him despite his remarkable talent in dancing. In those strict, non-artistic, populist times, the easiest way to escape was to marry a western woman, and Wu Wei struggled to arrange this with no success. Eventually, there was success and he was sent to study in Paris. It was there that Wu Wei flourished and found gay love. Join us on this most remarkable journey and film.

Released:Aug 22, 2017
Director:Huai Bao
Length:1 hrs. 27 mins.