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Gaze is director Matt Riddlehoover's (Bookends) new film. It sets the works of today's most revered talents against a provocative, highly amusing commentary track in this feature-length celebration of queer art! Gaze inventively profiles portrait artist Austin Young's working relationships with drag superstar Jackie Beat, comedienne Selene Luna, and art curator Lenora Claire; follows actor Chris Sutton into the mind of renegade filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (Otto; or, Up with Dead People); examines Nick San Pedro's pop art paintings with Britney Spears impersonator Derrick Barry; and sneaks a peak at Adam Bouska's silent protest, the NOH8 Campaign. Gaze also showcases works from Juanma Carrillo, Ethan James, J. David McKenney, Alfredo Roagui, Stuart Sandford, Bogdan Stanga, and over a dozen others!

Released:Nov 10, 2016
Length:59 mins.