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Uncle Bob

In 1974 Robert Opel streaked the Academy Awards. In 1979 he was murdered. His nephew wants to know why.

On a fateful night in 1974, millions of American turned in to the 46th Academy Awards and watched in shock as an anonymous man streaked naked across the stage in the middle of the show. In an instant, the prankster named Robert Opel rocketed to iconic status, but to this day few people know the full story behind the man who is widely remembered for a single moment in his life. Now Opel's nephew - also named Robert - presents this fascinating documentary that illuminates the story of the gay San Francisco photographer and gallery owner who lived a life of political activism - and occasional public indecency - until his murder in 1979.

Robert Oppel takes viewers back to the politically turbulent 1970's when San Francisco's nascent gay rights movement took flight. Featuring interviews with Opel's peers as well as rarely seen archived interviews with early gay icons like John Waters, drag performer Divine and Bea Arthur, Uncle Bob uncovers the radical life of a man who lived like he had nothing to hide.

Released:Oct 25, 2011
Director:Robert Oppel
Length:1 hrs. 18 mins.
Categories:Documentary, Gay Icon