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Cost Of Love, The

Dale is a 28-year-old hustler in London who is always chasing the next thrill. He spends his days making fantasies come true for high-paying clients and his nights cruising parks and saunas for casual sex. Meanwhile, Dale's gender-bending friend Sean cares for his alcoholic mother while living a double life as a popular drag performer and Dale's childhood straight friend Raj announces that he is getting married. Now, Dale must face his conflicting feeling for Raj and decide just what it is he wants from life before the dangers of the street finally catch up with him.

Set in the culturally diverse neighborhood of Greenwich, London, The Cost of Love is a poignant anti-love story that captures the highs, lows and detours of modern-day relationships. With realist storytelling and wry humor, director Carl Medland illuminates the many prices we pay for both resisting and giving in to love.

Released:Sep 27, 2011
Director:Carl Medland
Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.