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I Want To Get Married

Can Paul find the man of his dreams in just six days?

Just six days before the vote on Prop 8, the sweet and geeky Paul attends a wedding and decides he wants to get married to the man of his dreams. At the same time, he's assigned to work for a conservative client who's campaigning against gay marriage - and he's too strapped for cash to say "no." In the week that follows, Paul embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming personal journey to find the man of his dreams, test his moral limits and reconcile with his estranged parents.

Director Billy Clift (Baby Jane?) captures today's political and economic climate with piercing wit and deadpan humor. Featuring Matthew Montgomery as you've never seen him before in a role of Paul, I Want To Get Married is a quirky comedy about finding the right love at the wrong time.

Released:Dec 13, 2011
Length:1 hrs. 55 mins.
Categories:Comedy, Romance

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