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Kink Crusaders

When missionary just won't do...

When missionary just won't do. . . send in the Kink Crusaders!

Go behind the scenes at the annual International Mr. Leather competition, where men from around the world gather to compete for the title of Mr. Leather. Once a small niche community that was dismissed by critics as a carnival of gay sexual fetishes, leather has gone mainstream, and Kink Crusaders proves why. As it delves into the lives and aspirations of its contestants with humor, tasteful eroticism and pathos, it reveals a group of men for whom spiritual connection, openness and understanding are the true definition of masculinity.

This sexy, smart doc dares to ask - is there a Kink Crusader in us all?

Released:Feb 28, 2012
Director:Mike Skiff
Length:1 hrs. 15 mins.