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Pretty Boys, The

"The Pretty Boys" are a glam rock band on the verge of finishing their long, drawn-out new album. There is one song left to record - but the whole scene has gone haywire. The lead guitarist is strung out on heroin, the singer's new boyfriend is the kid supplying drugs from the record company and the rest of the band has quit in disgust. Ripped from stories about that time and shot in lurid locations frequented, back in the day, by bands like the Doors, Love and The Seeds, this new film from acclaimed gay writer/director Everett Lewis (FAQs, Skin & Bone, Luster, Lucky Bastard) has hot boys, heavy drugs and orgiastic sex that show how creative collaboration can crash along the jagged road of fame and destruction

Released:Jun 05, 2012
Length:1 hrs. 54 mins.