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Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets 2

Blackmail, intrigue, murder and of course lots and lots of sex are all on tap in this much anticipated sequel to the top-selling Sideline Secrets. Peter is blatantly lusting after his roommate Todd, but will he be able to beguile and seduce him, or will his devious plans end in disaster?

In this sequel, of sorts, to the highly successful hit film Sideline Secrets, Peter a young traffic cop, is asked to look through hours of sex tapes the late psychiatrist Dr. Tyler and his associate Detective Cunningham made of his unwilling male patients. Both Tyler and Cunningham were killed in the first film leaving behind unanswered questions about one particular missing boy. During his search for the boy, Peter finds himself both repulsed and intrigued in the sexual perversion of Dr. Tyler's videos. After watching tape after tape Peter soon succumbs to his own dark and seedy side and hatches his own twisted plot. Peter is infatuated with his straight roommate Todd and with the secrets learned from the good doctor he plans on luring Todd into his bed. But sex with Todd is only the beginning.

Released:Sep 29, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 10 mins.
Categories:Cops/Police, Mystery