Flesh Mannequins: Totally Uncut Boxcover

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Flesh Mannequins: Totally Uncut

Sebastian is a scarred shell of a man who treasures his movie camera and obsesses over his projections. The ghosts of his abusive childhood haunt him, provoke him and push his fragile composure deeper into the abyss. Meanwhile, Sarah, a svelte and gorgeous creature, lives just across the hallway with her crippled father, Mr. Roeg. Unaware of the danger that lies ahead, she is eager to delve into Sebastian's mind and discover his passion, leading to a chilling path toward tragedy. These d souls collide like a cold, clammy hand into a velvet glove - with dark and carnal desires interweaving into one another's lives.

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Released:Sep 27, 2016
Length:1 hrs. 44 mins.