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A Small Town Boy Trapped In The Erotic Underworld Of Prague

Sixteen-year-old Marek (Mirek Caslavka) leaves his dreary small-town life for the beautiful but treacherous streets of Prague. He is lured by a greasy pimp into selling his body to the many tourists who flock to the city. The gorgeous Marek and his handsome streetwise buddy David decide to enter the teen flesh trade on their own. They are propelled into a hellish world where the instinct to survive is their only hope.

Directed by leading Czech filmmaker Wiktor Grodecki (Not Angels But Angels, Body Without Soul), Mandragora is based on true stories with a mostly non-professional cast (including actual prostitutes) and shot on the streets, train stations and sex clubs of Prague.

Released:Apr 25, 2000
Length:2 hrs. 15 mins.