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Bollywood Beats

Dance to the beat of your own drum!

Get ready to dance to the beat of your own drum! Life doesn't seem to be going according to plan for hip hop choreographer Raj (Sachin Bhatt) until he meets Jyoti (Lilette Dubey), an attractive older woman who suggests for him to start a dance class for Indian women.

While unsuccessful at first, Raj's class begins to grow with students like Laxmi (Pooja Kumar), a housewife new to the country, Puja (Mansi Patel), an unenthused high school student, and Vincent (Mehul Shah), a young gay teen who wants to dance regardless of his father's objections.

Come discover friendship, family, and yourself in this heart-warming film with rhythmic and pulsating Bollywood tunes!

Released:Feb 14, 2012
Director:Mehul Shah
Length:1 hrs. 53 mins.