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10 Attitudes

Can a regular gay guy find love in L.A.?

Josh (Actor/comedian Jason Stuart) is a sensitive, Jewish, thirty-something, who just found out the his boyfriend of 10 years is a cheater. Spurred on by a bet from his best friend Brandon (newcomer, Christopher Cowan) with encouragement from his sister (Alexandra Paul, BAYWATCH) Josh sets out to find true love in the shallow pools of West Hollywood. If he fails, the lonely solitude of Cleveland, Ohio awaits him. Yikes! Refashioned by Jim J. Bullock (TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT), Josh sets out on the prowl. During the search for Mr. Right, Josh meets a bevy of attitudes: Bryce (comedian, Scott Kennedy) the only remaining Marky Mark fan, Billy (David Faustino, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN) the straight guy indulging his girlfriend's boy on boy fetish, a faux filmmaker (Sean Kanan, BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) and (Comedy Goddess) Judy Tenuta with some estranged love advice. Follow Josh on a whirlwind tour of the prevailing 10 ATTITUDES in Los Angeles, to see if he can find the loyal, trustworthy man who just puts three Equals in his coffee.

Released:Nov 23, 2004
Length:2 hrs. 8 mins.