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Capturing the current economic and social era, the political climate is shown though street demonstrations, protests, posters and graffiti creating a cinematic snapshot of the anxious times we live in.

From filmmaker Alessandro Avellis (Ma Saison Super 8) comes a fresh tale of love and desire set on the streets of modern day Paris. Mathieu, a young man imprisoned in his multiple phobias is under the treatment of his doctor and is afraid of the world outside. Maxence has returned to Paris after years away. He lives day to day on the fringe of society, sl--ping on the street and doing what he can for money. Maxence meets Marthe in the park, she has been abused by an unknown assailant. These three wandering youths create an eccentric set of misfits who share their bed and explore the city together. Each one growing up and growing strong with the help of the others.

Released:May 31, 2011
Length:1 hrs. 12 mins.