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When Boys Fly

A Groundbreaking True-Life Film...That Takes You To The Other Side Of Fabulous.

You know who they are: guys with close - cropped haircuts, buffed shaved bodies. Boys who are into the circuit scene...a brotherhood... a total roving party from one city to the next. Within the glorious puddles of men are individuals with stories to tell: why they love the circuit, how they got there, and what happens after the music ends.

When Boys Fly is a sexy, lively reality-based film that follows four such men at the 2000 Miami White Party:

  • Tone, 21, is an outgoing biology student with a substance abuse problem.
  • Brandon, 23, is a circuit party virgin who is close to his mom and doesn't do drugs.
  • Todd, 35, is twinkie-loving circuit veteran who brings past and present boyfriends to the party.
  • Jon, 19, is Todd's newest lover and wonders if their relationship will survive the scene.

Away from the ecstasy of the dance floor, When Boys Fly examines a unique breed who lives for the perfect party.

Released:Nov 05, 2002
Length:1 hrs. 0 mins.
Categories:Documentary, Romance