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Luna Park

"Luna Park" is the home away from home for the stars of a popular gay porn company while on location. Alexia, an ex-actress turned producer, has her mute younger brother Christi managing her infamous apartment building. Everyday, Christi gets his own personal peep shows by hiding in the closets and watching the porn actors in states of off-camera arousal. When Christi gets caught spying on the company's hunk du-jour, his sister decides to send her streetwise minion Maxwell to clean things up. But even in the hustle and bustle of porno luxury, love can blossom. When Maxwell falls for the captivating Christi, the secrets of Alexia's past could prove toxic to the boys' young love. In the land of skin and sin, nothing is out of bounds. Welcome to Luna Park.

Released:Feb 12, 2013
Length:1 hrs. 9 mins.