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Unsolved Suburbia

Eddie is torn between his boyfriend Thomas and his traditional Latino family's expectations - particularly his hyper machismo brother. When Eddie is shot, Thomas and his quirky friends Marty and Jake get together to try to solve the mystery of who could have put a hit on him. Fearing for both the shooter and Thomas' homophobic brother, Marty takes Thomas into safe hiding while Jake uses his expertise as a peeping tom to discover the neighborhood secrets.

Marty has problems of his own when his boyfriend and girlfriend find out that he has been sl--ping with both of them. Taking a cue from Jake, Marty discovers secrets of his own when spying on his friends. And, when a surprise fourth person is discovered mingling in the three-some mix, the outcome could be deadlier than the hit man.

Released:Oct 19, 2010
Length:1 hrs. 4 mins.