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Body Without Soul

"A Fascinating Look At A Seldom Seen World" -TLA Video Guide

From director Wiktor Grodecki (Mandragora), this startling and disturbing feature is a graphic insider's view of the seedy but burgeoning East Europe industry that trades in nubile young men.

The film introduces us to one of the adults (now jailed) who exploits Prague's youth; the city's police coroner and prolific porn director name Pavel. Told with unflinching honesty, Body Without Soul provides an explicit view of the exploitation, pain, and pitiful existence of young men who, out of necessity, sell their bodies to survive. The camera follows the young men as they walk the streets, work on porno shoots, hustle for money, and talk about their emotions and bodies, sexual preferences and fear of AIDS, and hopes and demons.

Released:Nov 07, 2000
Length:1 hrs. 34 mins.