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Mango Souffle: Unrated

A not so straight movie.

Mango Souffle is the first openly gay male film from India and is an eye-opening exploration of gay sexuality and relationships in a culture that is far from accepting.

This heartfelt drama begins when gay fashion designer Kamlesh, reeling from a recently ended relationship, invites a group of friends (of all sorts) for dinner for a special announcement.. The situation reaches a boiling point when Kamlesh's sister arrives with her new fianc, a man with an explosive secret. From there the action whips into a frenzy as sexual tensions build and skeletons fly out of the closet.

Writer/Director Mahesh Dattani's colorful directorial debut (based on his own acclaimed play) is a breezy, tangy and colorful peek into the contemporary life of Indian gay culture.

Released:Dec 07, 2004
Length:1 hrs. 23 mins.