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Endless Possibility Of Sky, The

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Sex and drugs - getting hooked and getting off are addicting. For Drew (Brad Hallowell) from mundane Waterville, Maine it is resisting the illicit pleasures of New York. For Mistress DaTina (Philly) it means operating a drug and sex den to cope with her life. For Rob (newcomer Rob Ordonez) it is a way to find a warm bead each night. For Christian (Michael Vaccaro) it means dealing with his helpless and loss. Gay filmmaker Todd Verow intermingles various story lines into a visually captivating and sexually stimulating drama that, in many ways, challenges the viewer's preconceived notions of normality. This film is a narrative that portrays the physical and emotional tolls of sex and drug addiction and the trauma that they can cause.

Released:Apr 23, 2013
Length:1 hrs. 25 mins.