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Feeding Boys

Xiao Bo comes from a moderate, middle class family but has decided to make his living as a male hustler. His older brother, Dabin, is a Christian evangelist determined to reform China's entire hustler population. When the two clash Xiao disappears into the streets. As Dabin searches for his brother he meets, befriends and tries to convert many working boys but slowly comes to realize that the hustlers do not consider their work shameful or abhorrent, a realization that is stunning and eye opening.

At a time when male prostitution is on the rise, Cui Zien, Chinas leading underground film maker, has taken a genuine interest in understanding the motivations that lead young me to sell their bodies. He pulls no punches in this hard look at a growing problem for the Chinese government. (Manadarin with English subtitles)

Released:Jul 12, 2005
Director:Cui Zi'En
Length:1 hrs. 15 mins.