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In the past Wiktor Grodecki (Mandragora, Body Without Soul) has brought us visions of modern reality from Eastern Europe. With his latest film, Insatiability, he adapts Stanislaw Igncay Witkiewiczs provocative 1930's novel about the collapse of Western civilization as seen thought the eyes of confused 18-year-old boy.

Our stunningly handsome young hero is an idealistic heir to a large brewery in Poland. He is corrupted by the advances of both the decadent Princess Irina, who is after his money, and the court jester, the mad gay hunchback monk, who is after his virginity. Set against a futuristic invasion of China into Eastern Europe, Insatiability is a wild cinematic ride, a cornucopia comprised of black comedy, sex romp and satiric socioeconomic dogma.

Released:Mar 21, 2006
Length:2 hrs. 3 mins.