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Liebmann is a visually evocative, subtly emotive story of a man who must face the ghosts of his past before he can start a new life and engage in the possibility of true happiness.

Eager to leave behind his past in Germany, teacher Antek Liebmann rents a quaint house in the bucolic French countryside and takes a job in the towns antique shop. The tranquil setting initially appears to be perfect for blending in and disappearing, but life in the rural enclave isnt quite so simple.

Local hunters are a little trigger-happy, and if that doesnt make the forest dangerous enough, apparently there is a serial killer stalking victims in the woods. And then there are the neighbours: single mother Genevieve, who is very welcoming, perhaps a little too much so, especially considering Liebmann seems more intrigued by the scruffy and sweet Sbastien, a customer at the antique shop.

No one realizes that Antek has left behind a terrible secret in his own country. The discovery of a mysterious artists residency on the edge of town and the arrival of an unexpected visitor from Germany help Liebmann face his past and offer a way out of the darkness.

Released:Dec 08, 2015
Length:1 hrs. 22 mins.