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Windy City Incident

From the makers of Gods of Olympia comes this campy gay trailer trash spiritual journey that features plenty of softcore sex and nudity. Chanel Puget resides in peaceful Olympia, Washington, and is frequently haunted by ghostly dreams.

One evening, Chanel has a vivid dream and is "ordered" to travel to Chicago. Despite continual pressure from his boyfriend of two months (Randy), Chanel follows the message in his dreams and heads for Chicago, the "windy city." Upon his arrival, Chanel wastes no time supporting his rent and daily expenses by hustling on the streets.

One evening while visiting a drag bar, Chanel's past history collides with the present. Mysteries begin to unravel as it becomes apparent that Chanel's body and soul have become a vehicle for ghastly and vindictive apparitions.

Only the viewer knows if Chanel will safely and sanely make it back to his home in Olympia, or be possessed forever in Chicago by the dreaded ghost, "Ant."

Released:Jan 08, 2008
Length:1 hrs. 10 mins.