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Crush is director Michael J. Sauls new collection of shorts. It's an anthology of four stories that examine the many feelings of longing and love in gay relationships. In Don't Ask, a devoted couple is f-rced to confront their feelings regarding love and war when one of them begins to question his military service. The obsessions of an eager teenager lead him into the arms of a fellow classmate who hides a dangerous but erotic secret in Bloodline. For you lovers of "True Blood," this short is a truly delicious and original take on the vampire legend. The filmmaker tells us that he's adapting this story for a feature film. In Strokes, loathing turns to worship/lust as a young student learns some difficult life lessons when he accepts an internship with a surly, nasty (but hot) world-famous artist. And lastly, Breathe explores the true meaning of having a crush. Told from the overly romanticized writings of a teenager for his classmate, Breathe depicts the haunting beauty of first love.

Released:Jul 06, 2010
Length:1 hrs. 12 mins.
Categories:Military, Romance