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I Was A Teenage Werebear

A hilarious spoof of 60's drive-in flicks, I Was a Teenage Werebear follows closeted new kid Ricky O'Reilly (played by Sean Paul Lockhart, better know as beloved adult film superstar Brent Corrigan). Ricky falls for Malibu High's mysterious bad boy Talon (Anton Troy). When love bites them on the ass, the two transform into bestial, leather daddy werebears! One fourth of the cult hit anthology Chillerama, writer-director Tim Sullivan's shock 'n roll comedy was also shown at Film Festivals in a longer, uncensored version, unavailable until NOW in this limited collector's edition!

This title ships on a DVD-R format disc. Please note, some DVD players may not be able to play this format. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this format before purchasing this title.

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