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William Hickey stars as Andre, the lecherous brothel owner that trades in young men, in Seth Michael Donsky's retelling of Dickens' Oliver Twist. Exploiting his young charges through paternalism and drugs, Andre sets his sights on Lee, a ten-year-old black runaway orphan. Through Andre, Lee quickly becomes immersed in N.Y.'s sleazy underbelly of drug dealers and street hustlers. The boy's only hope for survival is the aspiring song-writer Angel, a former hustler and drug dealer. Angel befriends Lee and rescues him from the wiles of Andre's cohort Fine Art, who attempts to profit on Lee's tender age. Eventually, Andre's petty empire is vanquished by Shiniqua, a powerfully wise and glamorous drag queen whose fiercely maternal spirit is no match for the depraved denizens of the brothel.

Released:Jan 31, 2006
Length:1 hrs. 38 mins.