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Old Testament

One of the first Chinese openly-gay underground films to make it to the big screen, The Old Testament offers a rare glimpse at gay life behind communist borders. Biblical references weave together three engaging vignettes on the topics of sexuality, homophobia and AIDS.

In "Song of Solomon" a male couple receives an unexpected visitor: an ex-boyfriend with AIDS. Faced with a commitment to provide hospice care for the former lover, the couple must confront the demise of their own relationship. "Proverbs" follows the love triangle between a married man, his wife, and his gay lover. As the bisexual husband attempts to get the best of both worlds, the feuding wife and lover begin to wonder if he is worth the fight. "Psalm" concludes the trilogy as a straight couple schemes outrageously to prevent the husband's younger brother from sl--ping with his "special friend."

Released:Nov 01, 2005
Director:Cui Zi'En
Length:1 hrs. 13 mins.