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Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives

Director Israel Luna brings horror movie fans plenty of blood, thrills, and laughs in this over-the-top tale of sisterhood and cold-blooded, high-heeled vengeance. When the innocent and likable Bubbles Cliquot shows up for her nightly stage performance with a black eye, her transgender sisters suspect foul play from her latest boy toy. Later on, the ladies fall victim to an ambush by Boner - the baseball-bat-wielding, tranny-hating rapist who gave Bubbles her shiner. Boner and his two beefy minions unleash all their hatred on the unsuspecting ladies, leaving them bashed and bruised, but not broken. After Bubbles wakes from her coma, the vixens arm up with an assortment of bladed weapons to bring their attackers to bloody justice. Not even a man as psychotic as Boner could imagine the well-crafted bloodbath that ensues.

Released:Nov 09, 2010
Director:Israel Luna
Length:1 hrs. 31 mins.