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To Play Or To Die

To Play or to Die is a powerful psychological drama. Kees is an introverted boy who attends an all-boy Dutch school where powerful bullies and sadomasochistic games are the stock in trade. Kees is fascinated by the extraordinarily handsome Charel, ringleader of the tormenters. Seeking to turn the tables and stem his victimization, Kees invited Charel back to his house when his parents are away. His plan is to take revenge buy Charel gets the upper hand. So begins a difficult and painful pas de deux with surprising results.

To Play or to Die recalls the memories of loneliness and victimization familiar to any gay teen and turns them into an intense and well-made thriller. The film is based on a story by Anna Blaman and marks the feature film debut of Frank Krom, former assistant to Paul Verhoeven.

Released:May 14, 1999
Director:Frank Krom
Length:46 mins.