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Told in three parts, Patrick Carpenters The Irregularity of the tearing is a three part cine-diary on intimacy, sensuality and desire. Part one, God is a Dog (2004) is shot on Super 8 and confronts the film makers remembrances of childhood memories and how they interact with his adult love encounters. Section two, Les 9 mardis (The 9 Tuesdays) (2005) deals with the absurdity of the passage of time. Time that reopens and closes past wounds, time the provides the courage to continue.

The final installment is the award winning Combat (2006). The tale of two young men both deeply in love who can only express their feelings through acts of physical violence committed upon each other. Full moons and lush forests frame this deeply felt and moving love story between two beautiful, youthful men. In its entirety, Combat leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder and awe while contemplating the true meaning of love.

Released:Dec 26, 2006
Length:1 hrs. 48 mins.