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Shadows, The

Shadows, The View Boxcover

In this intimate horror film, novelist about to buckle under the pressures of his publisher's expectations and a messy divorce settlement experiences a chance encounter that sends him spiraling into darkness.

Stephen Grimes is a bestselling author who has mastered the art of the paperback shocker. But lately Stephen has been under increasing pressure from his writer and editor to turn out another book, and his ex-wife is making their divorce settlement as miserable as humanly possible.

One night, while cruising the back roads on a moonlit drive, Stephen accidentally hits a young man named Emett. Later, after rushing Emett to a nearby hospital, the author and the boy strike up a tenuous friendship. Before long that friendship has erupted into a torrid sexual affair, thrusting the author into a sinister story that seems to have been ripped straight from the pages of one of his own disturbing stories.

Released:Nov 11, 2008
Length:1 hrs. 20 mins.
Categories:Bisexual, Horror, Romance