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Boy with the Sun in His Eyes, The

Boy with the Sun in His Eyes, The HD View Boxcover

Indie filmmaker Todd Verow's latest is the story of John, a gay man in a funk after his friend commits suicide. He takes off for Europe with diva/b-movie queen named Solange and they are plunged into a world of sex, drugs, and murder.

Kevin's (Josh Ubaldi) funeral rockets John (Tim Swain) into the orbit of the flamboyant Solange (Mahogany Reynolds), a b-movie actress/one hit wonder best known in Europe for her roles in 80's Italian horror movies. As John follows her into heady whirlwind romances with cute French pop stars and deadly (but hot!) Milanese model managers, they barely survive murderous performance artists in Paris and fatal gourmet food poisonings in Italy. John begins to realize that Solange's world is far more complex and dangerous than he could possibly have imagined. Her chosen lifestyle abounds with trips, tricks and traps.

Based on the novel by James Derek Dwyer, Todd Verow's The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes is a sexy-smart, absurd comedy, poverty-jetset homage to 80's cinema featuring new music by Sally Shapiro, Ben Onono, Plateau Repas, Paramo, Team Plastique, Colin Owens and William Bottin.

Released:Nov 25, 2016
Director:Todd Verow
Length:1 hrs. 31 mins.