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Eden's Curve

It is 1972 and muscularly handsome blond Peter (Sam Levine) heads off to an exclusive Virginia university, unsure of what to expect. He joins a fraternity house where he meets William (Bryan Carroll), a classics major who has a strong attraction to him. Despite their flirting the reserved Peter becomes romantically involved in a menage-a-trois with his roommate Joe (Trevor Lissauer) and Joe's girlfriend Bess (Amber Taylor).

When the trio's social bliss is disrupted by a violent episode Peter is taken in and protected by Ian (Julio Perillian), his poetry professor. Recuperating at Ian's idyllic country house, Peter soon falls in love with his hunky professor. Of course, their hot and heavy affair - which includes skinny dipping, passionate sex and bathing outdoors - is taboo. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Peter and Ian's happiness is threatened.

Released:Sep 14, 2004
Director:Anne Misawa
Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.