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Fright Flick

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Director Israel Luna (Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives) shows audiences just how cutthroat show business can be in this bloody, outrageous horror-comedy that satirizes the filmmaking industry. When the air-headed leading lady of a B-grade fright flick turns up brutally murdered during the film shoot, the motley members of the cast and crew find themselves at the heart of a real-life whodunit - and with so many competing egos on set, everyone's a suspect.

Featuring gay icon Chad Allen (Ice Blues, Hollywood, Je T'aime) alongside an oddball cast of characters - from the eccentric director, to the bitter supporting actress, to the scheming production assistants - Fright Flick keeps the laughs and the screams rolling with a sinful combination of dark humor, suspense and comic-book-style gore. Horror Society calls this sharp-witted slasher "a twisted, enjoyably bloody good time!"

Released:Jan 25, 2011
Director:Israel Luna
Length:1 hrs. 33 mins.
Categories:Comedy, Horror, Mystery