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XX Where the Heart Should Be

Todd Verow's latest film is an experimental narrative feature heralding the end of time.

Split up into 20 short films, XX Where the Heart Should Be explores the fear and longing of several characters as they wait for some unspecified apocalyptic event. Some try to escape physically, emotionally or sexually while others welcome the end with open arms.

Several gay men engage in more and more extreme sexual activity. They want to experience it all before "the big collapse."

Two gay ex-lovers try to reconnect and feel something - anything but total emptiness.

Porn actors and producers start making more and more "unsafe films" as their fantasies grow darker and more violent.

A woman (fascinating Verow-regular Philly) is busy dragging her own corpse, trying to find a resting place for it, when she encounters an old lover (Michael Burke) who used to be a "she" but has transitioned into a man. He wants to get out of town but she wants to stay.

"It's the end of time when nothing is a crime." Will the world end with a whimper or a bang? Or, worse, will it not end at all?

Released:Apr 05, 2011
Director:Todd Verow
Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.