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Hooks to the Left

Hooks to the Left HD View Boxcover

Totally experimental and completely captivating, Todd Verow's (Anonymous) latest was shot entirely on a cell phone. This unique film tells the story of Nail, a hustler who re-enters the profession after a LTR ends.

Veteran film maker Todd Verow (Vacationland) returns with an intriguing experimental film shot all over the world on just a cellphone camera. The film is based on the journals of a male hustler named Nail, who reenters the world of male prostitution after being in a relationship for ten years.

Hooks to the Left examines how the world of prostitution has changed since the advent of the internet. The resulting pixilated visuals, filled with male bodies, abstract interiors and street scenes, serve as a fitting dreamlike landscape for the narrated journal entries of Nails adventures of internet driven hustling.

Released:Mar 18, 2008
Director:Todd Verow
Length:1 hrs. 14 mins.