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Ancient Tomorrow

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A young man driven to help the earth embarks on a journey around the world to investigate

the secrets behind a lost pyramid energy technology.

Ancient Tomorrow is a non-fiction 90 minute documentary film that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young ecovisionary (JJ Yosh) who discovers an ancient technology that might be our only chance for survival.

Disillusioned with the modern world around him, JJ searches high and low to find the truth of mankinds forgotten past. In the process JJ meets the Egyptologist, Stephen Mehler, who reveals information to him about the Giza pyramids being ancient clean burning power plants. Stephen sends JJ on a quest to locate other undiscovered pyramids that may be connected to this ancient energy worldwide system.

Its not long before JJ meets other young investigators like himself - a sassy archeologist, Teejay Casado, an inquisitive philosopher, Ramon Govea, and a Bolivian-American filmmaker, Oliver Ades. JJ and his newly built team journey to the Andes to uncover the pyramids of a long lost Bolivian city. But getting there is only the beginning as they encounter unruly natives, environmental challenges and the conflicts between themselves.

Its an expedition like never before as these young explorers unearth evidence of ancient super technologies that could possibly reshape our knowledge of history, and guide the course of our future.

Released:Jan 31, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 26 mins.