Slight Fever Of A 20 Year Old Trailer

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Slight Fever Of A 20 Year Old

Slight Fever Of A 20 Year Old View Boxcover
"A poignant look at homosexuality in Japanese culture" - Variety

A teen movie with a twist. Not afraid to show life in Japan as it really is, film maker Ryosuke Hashiguchi weaves a story of two young hustlers trying to make something of their drab lives.

Tatsuro is a sullen teenager who would rather spend his time turning tricks than going to school. Working out of a hustler bar he remains an aloof professional, never shying away from even the kinkiest of requests. His best friend, Shin, while not as good at turning tricks likes to hang around Tatsuro to pick up pointers.

The story climaxes when Shin admits his true love to Tatsuro, f-rcing Tatsuro to face the reality of his life and a future he has never planned for.

This never before available DVD is Ryosuke Hashiguchi's first feature film. In it he displays the style and talent that would become his trademark in his other films, Like Grains of Sand and the very popular Hush.

Released:Feb 16, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 54 mins.

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