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House Of Boys

In Amsterdam in 1984, punks and youthful drifters could find a glamorous fantasy world among the city's late night dance clubs and cabarets. It's this promise of adventure and opportunity that attracts Frank, a high school aged runaway from Luxembourg who's recently come out of the closet. Thanks to his good looks, he soon earns a place at the House of Boys, a cabaret that's famous for its troupe of male dancers, its extravagant performances, and its eccentric Madame (Udo Kier, Melancholia, Blade). But, as Frank finds friendship and explores his passion for music and performing, news of a mysterious "gay cancer" puts a dark cloud over his newfound sense of freedom.

This colorful coming-of-age story captures the excess, optimism and, ultimately, devastation of the 1980s as the early AIDS crisis swept across the world. Featuring a soundtrack full of rock-and-roll hits and a cast of rising young stars, House of Boys is a stylish drama told with compassion and bittersweet nostalgia.

Released:Jun 20, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 57 mins.