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From rising auteur Eusebio Pastrana comes this tapestry of love stories set against the colorful backdrop of Madrid in 1995 - reimagined here as a city where cynicism doesn't exist. At the heart of the film are Garate (Alejandro Tous) and Omar (Olav Fernandez), a gay couple looking for a women to mother their child. The obstacle they face are often achingly realistic, yet their story also presents a utopian vision of a world in which all couples - whether gay, straight, or in between - can reside happily within the full spectrum of modern families.

Starting with the goal of capturing 100 different kinds of kisses, Spinnin' sets off on a cinematic fight of fancy - complete with dance sequences and slapstick humor - that constantly toys with the viewer's expectations. Thanks to a handsome cast of characters, a loving portrayal of the Spanish capital, and a playful soundtrack, Pastrana's award-winning debut is bound to keep viewers smiling one way or another.

Released:Jun 20, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 50 mins.