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Dirty Bent Bastards

Even the most ruthless people need something

to care about...

Maxwell, a lonely gay man, is scarred in more ways than one after he becomes victim of a horrific homophobic attack in a South London park. But fate deals him a chance to get revenge on his attacker after running into a shifty old business associate called Barry - who some might say - has unsavoury and dubious connections.

With Maxwell suffering psychologically and Barrys business empire not being in the best of health, it occurs to them that a plan of retribution on the perpetrator could benefit them both.

Calling on the services of Rock, a disgruntled old gangster friend retired in Rio, its up to Maxwell and Barry to manipulate the situation into him returning to London for one last hit.

But as events unfold, it becomes clear that everyones motives are not as they first appeared, and the job of punishing Maxwells low-life attacker takes a shocking and unexpected twist.

A fucked up, dark and outrageous black comedy that on the surface subverts the gangster movie genre, but at its heart tells a story about peoples fear of growing old, alone, and without love.

Released:Aug 25, 2017
Director:Max Barber
Length:28 mins.

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