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The perfect designer couple meets the foster kids from hell.

They're the "perfect" hot, handsome couple...

Phil is a respected psychotherapist and couples counselor. Eric is a successful attorney. They have lots of friends, tons of money, and host pool parties complete with appropriately flamboyant friends. Phil and Eric are anxiously waiting to adopt a baby. In the interim, their friend, Gloria, a resourceful child services case worker, talks them into taking in two juvenile delinquent brothers who turn out to be foul mouthed, liquor cabinet raiding terrors! Originally, she assures them all that "it's just for one night".

As one night stretches into many, the "father-son" conflicts escalate. Things become even more complicated when the alcoholic, prostitute junkie mama arrives on the scene to retrieve her babies-until she sees the mansion and the open bar! What results is a lively and touching comedy that explores what we think love looks like, and the unlikely places we find family!

Hey, no one ever said having kids was easy!!!

Released:Sep 01, 2017
Director:Max Mitchell
Length:1 hrs. 33 mins.
Categories:Comedy, Romance

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