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Trapped in an abyss of drugs and sex.

Dean (Michael Haboush) is a wreck of a man who lives his life in a constantly blurry present, with little concern for himself or others. Trapped in an abyss of drugs and unsafe sex , he seems about to unravel. Hardly anything or anyone affects Dean's lifestyle, except for his sick, grandmother-figure Jean, and his younger brother Sean (Arthur Huber).

The story follows Dean in his seemingly normal, yet dysfunctional, routine. A day, like so many others, that has no concrete beginning or end. Dean is lost in his own identity and the world around him. No line exists to separate what is obvious to other people such as sexual orientation and basic morals. All of which remain indistinct at best.

Unbeknownst to Dean, this day will make him confront what he has been avoiding. Something most of us know as reality. A decision will be made. He must either choose to immerse himself in the world he has been avoiding, or fall further down the self-destructive hole that he may be lost in forever.

Released:Jan 01, 2005
Length:1 hrs. 28 mins.

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