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Longing, The (Saudade)

Erik (Hendrik Scheider) is vacationing with two German friends in an opulent beach house owned by the father of one of them. They spend their days snorkeling, lounging about, eating, watching Brazilian soaps and, when the mood strikes them (and to make a few bucks), making R-rated love in front of a live webcam. Eriks mindless days come to an end when a sexual tryst on the beach becomes violent, ending in the death of his nameless trick. While agonizing over the incident, Erik a muscular beauty meets Miguel (Aldri DAnunciaao), a fresh-faced young man and TV actor. The two fall in love but Eriks secret and intensifying guilt begins to haunt the relationship. A sensual, yet ominous drama of youth, desire, love, cross-cultural tensions and fate.

Released:Sep 18, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 20 mins.