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Straight Men & The Men Who Love Them

An internationally acclaimed collection of shorts that explore and expose the electric and sensual dynamite between gay men and straight men.

Space Two (Espacio Dos)

An exhilarating story about sexual vindication.

Directed by Lino Escalera

Spain - 27 min.

In the Name of the Father

What seems like a normal family hides secret perversions.

Brazil - 17 min.

My Straight Boyfriend

A man's wet dream of his girlfriend turns strange as he is met with an unusual discovery.

U.S. - 4 min.

Truth or Consequence

After playing spin the bottle, two friends discover there might be more to their friendship than meets the eye.

Brazil - 13 min.

Coffee Date

After setting up his brother with a hot internet female, a blind date leads to unexpected results.

Written and directed by Stewart Wade

Produced by Vivian Tam

U.S. - 17 min.

Popcorn & Coke

Matthew Leich of the award-winning film AKA stars as an unsuspecting movie-goer who is seduced by both sexes. Who will he choose?

Directed by Jorge Ameer

U.K. - 8 min.


A French style farce about two roommates who seem to have an unusual relationship.

Directed by Jorge Ameer

5 min.

Released:Sep 22, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 31 mins.