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It's the 70s and the look of love is retro. As his imprisoned lover Johan awaits sentencing, filmmaker Phillipe Vallois attempts to recreate their passionate love affair with a series of other beautiful young Parisian men. Here the film becomes a meditation on spontaneous, unbridled sensuality and interracial romance.

Originally screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976, it was then given an X rating by the French government and soon disappeared from the cinema world. Edited cuts emerged now and then but now, thanks to a more modern society, the complete, unedited version can be shown. From a fresh master, with new subtitles "Johan" comes back from the past to combine its mastery of cinema-verte with a frank and unapologetic eroticisism. A piece of gay cinema history that is a must for any film collector and any fan of classic movies.

Released:Oct 31, 2017
Length:1 hrs. 22 mins.